Mum and baby classes

Come join us for mum and baby classes in Bristol!

Mum and baby yoga is a great way how to connect with your baby and how to get back in shape in a gentle way. These classes tend to be quite small. I think it is more comfortable for mum and their babies. Classes are very relaxed and depend on current emotions of babies. Sometimes babies tend to sleep and that gives space to mums to do little bit more exercise. Once babies are up we tend to do little bit of exercise/stretching with them. Either this will settle the babies and mum continues to exercise on her own with the baby close to her on the mat or mums include their babies in their exercise holding them in their arms.

Classes are suitable for babies from 2 months. Mums should feel fit and comfortable enough to start with some exercise. But do not rush it. Everyone is different and the time for recovery might differ. The first exercise you can start with is strengthening of your pelvic floor. Be gentle to your body and start when you feel ready. I would recommend asking your doctor to check your abdominal muscles to see if you are ready to start with abdominal exercise. Babies are welcome to come to classes till they start to crawl.

I would recommend bringing a blanket to place your baby on as mat can be too hard for your baby. Also it is a good idea to bring couple of toys, snacks... for your baby to keep them entertained. Mums are more than welcome to breastfeed their babies in the class. As I said the classes are very relaxed and I want mums to feel comfortable to do whatever feels right with their babies. Therefore I prefer a smaller group which also helps to keep the babies happy. And as we all know happy babies mean happy mums and vice versa 🙂



Currently no classes are available as I am having a baby in few days. Please get in touch for more information and for upcoming classes. Thank you!

mum and baby classes