Yoga is a union of body and mind.

Welcome to Yoga in Bristol with Andrea. My name is Andrea and I have been practising yoga for many years. Yoga helps us to connect with our body, listen to it's needs, something so natural and still so distant. Yoga brings back peace of mind, relaxation and at the same time it energizes our physical body. It brings back the awareness of breath and it's healing power. Yoga in our modern world is mostly associated with the physical exercise (hatha yoga) but that is only a very small part of it. Yoga as a whole is a spiritual practice or discipline.

Within my classes I like to focus on proper allignment and proper breathing. I want my students to understand the pose so they would not hurt themselves. Injuries in yoga are very common. I always recommend taking the practice step by step, build it up comfortably and strengthen the muscles so they can support you correctly in the asanas/postures. Especially with hyperflexibility one needs to be careful. Hyperflexible people can easily come into fairly difficult/advanced poses but often without proper musculer support. They end up "hanging" in their joints, wearing them out which is not sustainable and will cause damage in the long run.

yoga in Bristol pregnancy class

I offer pregnancy yoga classes either private or group classes. Pregnancy yoga is an extremely beneficial type of exercise which will help you to ease any discomfort within your pregnancy.  You can find out more about pregnancy classes here.

Yoga in Bristol Mum and baby class

Mum and baby classes are very popular as mums have an opportunity to start exercising with their little ones. You can bring your baby with you. Depending on the babies we either exercise with them or let them sleep and mums can focus on themself. Find out more here.

yoga in Bristol Private classes

Find out more about private classes here.

Hormone Yoga Therapy

I also teach Hormone Yoga Therapy workshops which focus on improving women's hormonal health. HYT helps to manage symptoms of menopause, PMS, polycystic ovaries, infertility and other problems related to low levels of reproductive hormones. Find out more about HYT here.